Website Development 101: Understanding How Coding Works

by Jukka October 21, 2017
Website Development 101: Understanding How Coding Works

What is the difference between a website designer and a website developer?

You probably have heard these words but may not have the slightest idea on how different the two are. It is important for you to know this first before jumping into the world of coding.

Website Development 101: Understanding How Coding Works

A website designer is the one who takes care of how your site would look like. He is responsible for blending the colors with the help of software products dedicated for designing.

On the other hand, a web developer is the one who does the engineering thing. He is like the manager of your site’s “skeletal system”. He uses a different “language” to provide web applications, databases, and email setup. The web developer is the one who uses coding to achieve the function of your website’s features.

Development Divisions: FrontEnd and BackEnd

Let me discuss with you the basics of web development. Coding is really nasty that is why it is best to hire people who are certified to do it. Web development has two divisions: the frontend and the back end.

Front-end website development, also known as the client-side development, is the construction of the application itself. It is made of three codes – JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

JavaScript provides the functionality of the application. It is responsible for making the visitors be engaged in your website.

HTML, which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, is the spinal cord of your website. It refers to the text used to create the look of your website. If you would check the interface where it is written, you would just see a bunch of words and characters that make no sense. But it actually gives a perfect sense to how your site will look like.

Lastly, CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is the code used to set the rules of the style on the page. It is like the face makeup women use.

Meanwhile, back-end website development uses a database to be able to make the frontend work. Coding languages build up the scripts in the backend. Some known frameworks used by developers are PHP, Java, Python, ASP.NET, Perl, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails.

How Will I Learn This Complicated Mess?

You can choose to enroll in universities and colleges that offer web programming or choose the easier route – the Internet. You can start by learning the “language” and then applying it to free templates online. There are websites that allow you to tweak templates. Unlike before, it is easier now to change the look without using too many codes.

improve your online presence.

You would actually find it risky to learn it by yourself. However, many programmers have already shared their best practices online. All you need to do is look for the best articles or blogs about it.

My eBook “Transform Hobby Into a Successful Business” provides you insights on how you can help yourself understand coding and more. You may opt to hire experts to do it for you, but it would be a great advantage for you to have an idea of how things work. Let me help you

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