The 2020 Business Growth Blueprint For Home Services Businesses

Enter the 21st Century With A System That Actually Works.

The Game Has Changed...

If you’re a home services contractor; a plumber, an electrician, landscaper, interior designer, or any sort of business that serves customers in your local area – now is your D-Day.

The game has changed.

It’s no longer considered a luxury to have a website. It’s no longer good enough just having a website. Even chasing leads in the hope that they’ll buy your service is getting outdated.

The writing’s been on the wall for some time now but, with recent global events, having an optimized online system that identifies your target market, captures their attention, builds a relationship with them and then sells them your services – is no longer a choice.

It’s a necessity.

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How Many Hats Do You Wear?

Running a business is hard – and often requires us wearing more than one ‘hat’ at a time…
Hat #1

The truth is without a consistent flow of leads for your business - you’re going to struggle.

And those offline methods that worked a few years ago?

Forget about it. Most of the world is online these days but the game is always changing.

To survive and thrive in the digital world you’ll need a battle-tested plan that takes you from A-Z with minimal friction, time, and effort.

Hat #2

Question - how many offers did you make today? How many people did you ask to buy?

Here’s the truth - the amount of money you make is directly related to the amount of offers you make. That is, the amount of times you ask someone to buy.

If you’re not asking for the sale, asking enough, or asking the right people - your business is going to suffer.

Hat #3
Business Management

How many fires have you had to put out in the last week?

Whether it’s managing the business itself, the [projects] you’re currently delivering or your staff - there’s a very good chance your role as the owner of the business requires some sort of management.

So where do you factor in time for business management, marketing, AND sales?

How To Optimize Unlimited Growth In Your Business?

…and get customers to come to you.
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Who Chases Customers These Days?

The internet has changed the business landscape. No longer do you have to ‘chase’ customers. In fact, when you set everything up properly, customers will chase you.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to turn cold prospects into sales, in an automated way – even while you sleep. 

Now, while that might sound a little far-fetched and science fiction-esk, it’s a very real possibility.

The internet runs 24 hours a day – it never sleeps.

For you to take advantage of this constant flow of potential business you need to make sure you’re doing the following three things…

Collecting Leads

Having qualified leads is the lifeblood of any business.

An optimized digital system automatically targets these leads and turns them into warm prospects.

Systematically collecting leads online reduces your costs and increases the amount of sales you’ll make for your business.

The system starts here - but you’ll need the next two to really take things to the next level...

Nurturing Prospects

On average it takes 7 points of contact with someone before they consider buying your services.

So, once you’ve collected your leads it’s now time to start nurturing the relationship.

In our digital ‘ecosystem’ - we can automate this part too.

Using a few simple tools, you can build a relationship with your new leads while giving them value upfront.

Making More Sales.

Once you’ve built some goodwill with your, now warm prospects - it’s time to make the offer.

At this point in the system, your prospects know, love, and trust your business - so it’s fair to say if they’re still listening to your message, that they’ll likely buy your services too.

And again, you can automate this as well allowing you to work ON your business and not in your business.

Turn your website from this….

To this...

More leads. More relationships. More sales.

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