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The 5 Fundamental Truths To Building An Online Business…

Fundamental Truth #1

There Are 3 Main Ways To Grow Any Business

Understand this and everything else will start to fall into place.
Increase Number of Customers

Increase the number of leads and prospects you have into first time paying customers.

Increase Average Order Value

Get each customer to pay for additional products and services - increasing the amount of money you make per customer.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Get each customer to purchase more of your products or services - more often. AKA: ‘repeat business’

Now That You Know How Businesses Grow...

Using these ‘growth levers’ you can start to build out your system, step by step. Each one carefully following the last to ensure your business grows in a controlled way.

Fundamental Truth #2

We Don’t Know, What We Don’t Know

If your customers don’t know you exist – then how can they buy your products?

Step #1: Build Awareness

Building awareness of your products or services online is the first step before anyone decides your product or service is for them – you need to get their attention.

And the larger the traffic source, the more leads you will qualify.
But it’s safe to say, most people will NOT purchase your products or services the first, second or even third time they see your message. In fact, on average, a customer needs to hear your targeted message at least 7 times before they even start to consider buying from you.

That’s why it’s important to set up the next part of the system…

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Fundamental Truth #3

People Buy Transformation

People don’t buy products. They buy the transformation and value that a product or service gives them.


Step #2: Attract Interest & Create Desire

After you’ve got their attention, it’s time to build interest and desire in what you’re offering. We do this by offering a tremendous amount of value upfront, so our leads and prospects know, love, and trust us.

You know your product or service works. But that doesn’t mean your customer does. In this part of the system we’re not only showing our leads and prospects how our products work but how it will help them improve or transform their lives.

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Fundamental Truth #4

No Offer. No Sales.

The amount of money you make is directly related to the amount of offers you make.

Step #3: Entice Action

If you’ve completed the last two steps correctly, your leads and prospects will start to see the value your business can bring to their lives.

It’s at this point, you’ve built up so much goodwill that many people will be happy to hand over their money in exchange for your product or service – now is the time to make the offer.

There’s a catch, however.

This part of the system requires part-skill and part-art to get it right. But when you do, you’ll start to see your business grow at an unimaginable pace.

Flexible Private Office
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Fundamental Truth #5

Scaled Businesses Are Robust Businesses

The ‘secret’ to building a business that can survive, pivot, and even thrive under the most challenging circumstances.


Step #4: Scale Your Business

So, at this point you’ve not only increased the number of cold traffic, leads and first-time customers you have for your business, but you’ve also offered them more ways to increase the amount of money they spend with you.

Now it’s time to scale your business by increasing the frequency that the average customer buys from you. There are many ways to do this and it’s this exact reason giants such as Amazon and Apple have been so successful. And you can employ the exact same strategy to scale your business.

You're 60-70% more likely to up-sell or cross-sell to an existing customer, compared to the 5-20% likelihood of selling to a new prospect.

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Build Your System, Step By Step Following The Digital Mastery Blueprint!

Identify Your Target Market

I’ll walk through a simple yet effective way to identify the most qualified people that want and need your product or service.
Get this right - and the whole system practically builds itself.

Save Time & Money

Build a predictable selling system that not only saves you money (no more expensive advertising agencies) but once set up you’ll be making more money while working less hours.

Increase Your Google Traffic

The most profitable, long-term source of traffic you can get online.
Get your website's pages ranking on the top of Google to turn those clicks into paying customers for your business.

Master Writing That Sells

Words have the power to change the world and sell more of your product.
You’ll learn how to craft the perfect message for your business and turn those visitors into customers and loyal fans.

Scale Using Paid Advertising

Most advertising campaigns lose money acquiring leads in the hope that lead goes onto purchase future products.
I’ll show you the best way to set up your ads so that you’ll not only break-even but actually make a profit from each new lead.

Leverage Social Media

78% of salespeople who use social selling as part of their strategy outsell those who don’t.
Leverage the power of social media to build an unstoppable business that markets your business 24/7.

Digital Mastery Business Blueprint!

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