Start Your Email Campaign Right Way With These Easy Steps

by Jukka October 21, 2017
Start Your Email Campaign Right Way With These Easy Steps

A look back in 2015 would show that most online business people get their ROI through an email campaign. Social networking sites may have dominated the advertising scene. However, if you were keen on it, you would notice that everything online needs your email address. That is why the “magic” never stops.

Start Your Email Campaign Right Way With These Easy Steps

Let me share with you some of the few steps I have used in starting an email campaign.

1. Know and embrace your goal. Before starting, you have to know why you are doing this in the first place. You have to make it clear to yourself before you try to convince others about what you want to happen. For instance, you are maintaining a website that sells baby clothes. You can use an email campaign to update your clients on discounts, promos, and events.

2. Make a solid list of who to reach. You can start your list with your existing clients’ information.

You can also build an email list from scratch. As soon as you lead your prospects to your website, you can offer them freebies or discounts that would require them to provide their email addresses. Of course, your offer must be truthful.

Let us take a news website as an example. There are few websites that would require you to sign up before you continue reading their article. This is a good tactic for them to send newsletters according to the clients’ preference while browsing.

3. Know the type of email campaign you would like to send. Now that you have built your list, you can choose one or all types of promotions. You may choose to send your prospects an “exclusive event” invitation. You have to emphasize that the invite was solely sent via email to establish its exclusivity.

You may also opt for an announcement type of approach. Educate your audience about updates, but make sure that you end up with them visiting your website.

“Special offer” is also one of the oldest yet most effective sales tactics. Just like event invitations, offering discounts on email establishes exclusivity. Of course, it should end up with your customer landing to your website.

4. Build the promo. Now that you have the contact list and the promo type, you can go on and design your campaign. There are tools such as Campaign Monitor that can help you design an easy-in-the-eye ad. This way, your email would not just be thrown in the Trash folder.

5. Review the results. Sending the emails is not the end of it. You have to monitor how it goes by checking how the receivers have reacted to your campaign. You can check the rate of opened emails, click-through, and bounces.

You can learn more of email campaign through my new eBook series “Transform Hobby Into a Successful Business”. I have shared my best practices that would help you start up your online business the right way.

Not new to this? I have also included techniques on how to make your presence online more profitable than before.

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