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Make Money From Home: 5 Best Ways To Do It

While the threat of contracting the COVID-19 virus remains, workers, wearing their masks and face shields, have been tip-toeing the way to their respective workplaces. Those who plan to escape this daily 9-5 routine even before the pandemic hits couldn't help but wish they can make money from home.

Although there are high ticket money-making schemes you can do at home, not all would be enough to emancipate you from the shackles of full-time employment.

We won't assure you that any of these would help you rake in huge sums of money. Still, these recommendations could leave you extra cash every month to pay off debts or add to your savings.

Who knows? These ways to make money from home could soon lead you to more lucrative income sources.


When people realized that they could earn from video blogging, we witnessed a surge of content from different parts of the world. While most of these bloggers seem like they're just having a good time, they generate income based on their viewers, ad clicks, sponsored content, and more.

Choose among video streaming, niche blogging, social media blogging, and others. You also need to determine the right media platforms that would suit your hobbies and interests. Once you gained enough followers, set up your monetization and payment preferences.

Make sure you get paid doing the things you love.

Multi-Level Marketing

MLM or multi-level marketing has been around since time immemorial. And the reason why it's still a recommended source of income is that it works.

Most MLMs help their members keep the scheme alive as actively recruiting and referring new members is the business's heart and soul.

To make sure you're gearing towards the right networking path, research about the background of the MLM company, the strategies they enforce, and the amount of effort you need to exert in this venture.

Using social media and keeping your communication lines open, you can do well in this business in the comfort of your own home.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most productive ways to make money online is affiliate marketing due to its huge income potential.

If done right, you can build an empire of six-digit earning websites focused on high-ticket items from different channels.

You may start tapping on items with small profit. But don't use them for very long. You got to scale up!

This online business may require knowledge of the product, blogging, and SEO. However, learning all of these will surely reward you with a hefty price.

Some well-paying affiliate marketing programs and platforms include Amazon, eBay Partner Network, Saleahoo, Logitech, Typecase, and more. Read the terms & conditions on their affiliate pages to ensure that their provisions align with your expectations and preferences.

Becoming A Virtual Assistant

Another shift after your 9-5 job? Highly possible.

Many people who freed themselves from reporting to their previous jobs sacrificed a portion of their sleeping hours to work 2-3 jobs.

Others would even use up their rest days or file vacation leaves so they can do more and earn more as a virtual assistant. People who had work-at-home projects knew every hour's value and that spending time in traffic is impractical.

A virtual assistant's hourly pay is usually higher than what you get from a regular employer. The rate depends on the skill you have, the tasks at hand, and the experience as detailed in your online profile.

Most of the time, you will be hired directly by a business owner. This work setup is oftentimes better than reporting to a supervisor, being managed by another boss.

Selling Online

Be a part of the eCommerce world as an online seller. Set up your sales channels in different places.

More importantly, be an expert in numbers while you continuously improve customer interactions and your products and services.

Start small and slowly build a foundation until you have enough funds to scale up your business. There are many resource tools for fresh entrepreneurs like you. Still, it's an online scheme that requires a lot of planning and time.

Despite the challenges, going full-time on achieving your dreams as a successful eCommerce store owner is a lot better than keeping the same job for a decade.






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