Lighting Techniques for Your Product Photography

by Jukka October 21, 2017
Lighting Techniques for Your Product Photography

Your camera will be useless if there is no light, as light is the most important factor in taking pictures, in this case, in product photography.

If you want to do your own product photography, you have to learn few techniques in lighting that would give you the perfect results.

Lighting Techniques for Your Product Photography

Use Artificial Lighting

You would need artificial lighting for wedding stills, school yearbooks, or product photography. In short, artificial lighting is a necessity. This helps provide clarity to the subjects you are trying to capture.

If you were using a professional DSLR camera, you would need a hotshoe (where you insert the camera accessories) and a speedlight or flash unit. If you were using a high-end smartphone, you just need to set your camera’s flash feature.

Set Your Shutter Speed in a Level Lower Than Normal

The flash unit on your camera highly affects the object you are shooting. The trick is as simple as point and shoot, no real magic. But for DSLRs, you can delay your camera’s shutter speed to create a blur effect, leaving steady objects to be the star of your image.

Let Your Speedlight Bounce All Over

You may use reflectors to help your flash bounce when you are doing an outdoor shoot. You just need to allow natural light to bounce from your reflector to your subject.

On the other hand, you can set your flash to bounce off the ceiling or the wall when you are capturing indoors. This way, you create a more flattering illusion on the product you are targeting.

Consider Using Off-Camera Flash

Another option to capture the desired lighting is using off-camera flash. You can use a through-the-lens (TTL) cord to do this. TTL works when you see an initial flash effect before the actual flash used in taking pictures. It helps in adjusting the speedlight based on your subject’s position.

While it is important for professional photographers, you are not required to buy a TTL cord. It is an option for additional effect for your product photography but is not a must. However, if you think you can pull it off, you can also buy a light stand where you can mount your flash device. This technique is used for portraits and events, but can also be great for product stills.

The umbrella is an additional accessory that goes with the speedlight to modify hard light. Again, I am not encouraging you to go that far. But if you think you have the knack and you want to go pro, at least you have the idea on the right tools to use.

My eBook “Transform Hobby Into a Success Business” offers other useful tips in product photography as a bonus in the series. The eBook focuses on helping startup and existing online marketers to improve their online presence and kick it up a notch in the World Wide Web. I have included my own business experiences and the best practices I have used that would surely be beneficial to you and your growing company.

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