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Cart Abandonment Follow Up: Why Set It Up Now?

E-commerce websites have more shopping cart abandonments than completed checkouts. As such, many of them have cart abandonment follow up functions programmed.

But is it  normal?

Yes, it is prevalent because consumers are continuously changing their minds.

With this said, no business wants to see a higher number of cart abandonment cases than complete checkouts.

Cart abandonment does not equal profit. It is treated more like a loss than a profit.

What Role Shopping Cart Abandonment Plays In E-commerce?

If you believe cart abandonment is not important, you need to think again.

Too many e-commerce businesses see cart abandonment as a failure because the consumer did not complete a transaction.

Unfortunately, business owners cannot take their customers by the hand and lead them through the transaction process from beginning to end.

The only thing you can do at this point is hope the customer completes the transaction.

Shopping cart abandonment plays a major role in the e-commerce industry. It could be the determining factor between failing and succeeding.

How Shopping Cart Abandonment Impacts E-Commerce Businesses?

How often do you think brick-and-mortar businesses are left dealing with abandoned shopping carts?

Probably more than anyone could imagine.

Unlike brick-and-mortar businesses, e-commerce businesses are more aware of abandoned shopping carts.

Now, this is not to say a brick-and-mortar business is not left dealing with an abandoned shopping cart from time to time.

The only differences are the level of impact and course of action. The brick-and-mortar business puts the products back on the shelf while the e-commerce business determines the best course of action.

Shopping Cart Abandonment: Who Is To Blame?

Firstly, it is essential to take note that the impact level will depend partially on the customer.

For example, a customer accesses an e-commerce website, fills her cart with various products, heads to the checkout, and everything goes blank.

Could the vendor have stepped in and prevented this from happening? Of course not. E-commerce businesses play very few roles in the transaction process.

The impacted vendor could have done nothing at this point to encourage the customer to complete the transaction.

However, vendors can still turn things around.

As much as the impacted vendor wants to place the shopping cart abandonment on the customer, the customer has an opinion.

Top Cart Abandonment Reasons

customer checking out their shopping cart

Learning about the reasons for cart abandonment is important for establishing the importance of a good cart abandoned follow-up campaign.

Once you’ve learned about the reasons, you’ll know why customers are abandoning their cart and how you can improve customer experience.

Taking steps to prevent cart abandonment is one of the best ways to avoid following up with your customers in the future.

Here are reasons for cart abandonment:

  • Poor user experience (UX)
  • Insufficient payment choices
  • Lack of shipping options
  • Not enough product details
  • Your customer feels more research is needed
  • Your customer saved the items for later
  • Customer may be looking for more competitive prices
  • The customer simply got distracted
  • Ineffective sales funnel

Having a plan for following up with your customers can help offset some of these issues.

However, you should also target these problems at the source to decrease your cart abandonment rate.

Why Cart Abandonment Follow Up Is Important

If you don’t have a cart abandonment follow up plan, you’re not covering your bases.

Even if your website is perfect, you’re going to experience a high rate of cart abandonment. You have to be prepared to rectify this problem.

You need a follow-up plan because it could make the difference between getting the sale and losing it.

Below, you’ll find some of the reasons a cart abandoned follow-up plan is important for your business.

  • It may drive traffic to your site
  • Serves as a reminder for your customers
  • Can push revenue higher
  • Promotes brand awareness

May Drive Traffic

Sending the audience to visit your website is a step in the right direction. Getting them to return could be the key to sealing the deal.

Whether you’re using cart abandonment recovery emails or retargeting ads, they’ll serve the same purpose.

Your efforts will help drive more traffic to your website. And you’re sending someone genuinely interested back to your website.

This individual thought about buying your product before.

A follow-up plan gives you one more chance to convert your visitors to a client.

Serves As A Reminder

Ultimately, your customers are busy individuals. You know they’re working hard trying to care for their loved ones.

Your visitor might’ve added an item or two to their cart without finishing the checkout process.

If you can remind them to finish checking out, they may do so.

While trying to check out, your customer might’ve had a phone call, or someone might’ve shown up at the door.

These possibilities might have prevented your client from purchasing the items they needed, and they forgot about it now.

A quick follow-up email, ad, or push notification can help you gain their attention and remind them of the issue.

Sending friendly reminders is a good way to minimize your site’s cart abandonment rate.

Can Push Revenue Higher

One of the main goals for e-commerce businesses is higher year-end revenue.

As a business facing a high volume of cart abandonment, the goal of higher year-end revenue is out of the question.

With a strategic course of action, it will be possible to reduce your annual cart abandonment cases, resulting in higher year-end revenue.

Promotes Brand Awareness

Look at the bigger picture to discern how it works. Your cart abandonment follow-up might not lead to another sale.

But it could offer an array of other benefits.

To make your venture a success, you need to develop and market your brand. You need customers locally and nationally to know your brand and what it stands for.

This is why cart abandonment follow-up methods are so important.

These methods ensure that your client receive sufficient reminders of your business. They may not return immediately, but it might encourage them to visit again in a few days or weeks.

Displaying your brand within customers' sight is key, and cart abandonment techniques can help you do that.

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