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The Federal Trade Commission requires us to disclose what relationship we here at (Owned and operated by Spotping, Inc.), have between the product manufacturers or the service providers. guides, reviews and opinions on our website are solely our own.

Rankings expressed on this site are the opinion of and can change due to popularity, deals, price and other factors related to each ranked company. The guides, reviews and rankings on our website are done to help the consumers to make more educated decisions when choosing the right product for their needs. We do accept affiliate commission from the companies reviewed on this website in order to provide valuable opinions to the consumers.

Below you can find the guidelines we operate here at

  1. We are NOT paid for any of the guides or reviews on our website.
  2. We do not accept money or any other form of payment to review a product or service.
  3. We use our personal time to compare, review and write about all of the products you find at our website.
  4. We bare the entire cost to produce all and any videos about any products or services.
  5. If we ever do a paid review, it will be clearly explained and noted at the end of the review.
  6. If or when we have a link to a product, products or services in any of the pages within the website, we may or may not get paid an affiliate commission when you purchase the product, products and/or services. All the affiliate links we do receive an affiliate commission will be clearly indicated in the alt or title tags when hovering over the link with your computer mouse.
  7. When you click a link from one of our articles or news and it directs you to another website selling that product, we may or may not receive an advertising commission from that website when you buy their products.
  8. Integrity is an utmost importance for our operations. We operate by this guideline to make sure we as a guide, review and information website are not influenced by any of the product manufacturers or the service providers and you as a consumer and our highly respected customer have the best information possible when making your important decision.

These are FTC required highly respected rules and practices in today’s digital publishing. It is crucial for you as our customer to understand the relationship of a company reviewing the product or service provider. If you do not see a disclosure policy in a review website, that website may very well be violating the law or the Code of Ethics.

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